UE4 Water Shader

I created a pretty nice water shader in UDK and i decided to recreate it for UE4

I am still working out a few problems like the fact that SPR don’t work with translucent materials so the water is completely opaque right now and i plan on adding froth and afew other details soonas well but here is te first version of the materials in action

*Make sure to watch in HD

Looks great, can´t wait to see the final version.

Where do you even start to make something like that. I’m downloading the workflow map just to see how to make water.

Looking good so far. It needs more sharper detail though. It looks like fluid but the surface is more like jelly.

Looks pretty good! :slight_smile:

Great stuff, CharlestonS, will look very nice when finished.

It’s actually pretty straight forward especially since you don’t have to setup a separate node tree just for the reflections like you did in UDK

For the most part it’s just multiple tiled normalmaps tied to panners and rotators with a shimmer effect whos alpha is based on the height of the displacement

I am also using subsurface scattering on this version though and once i get it all working with translucency it will look more like actual water

geeze after 5 years with torque you think another engine would be easy to jump into. Ive got alot to learn…

Specular and Screen Space Reflections do not seam to work at all on translucent surfaces anymore no matter what i try, anyone have any ideas or is this just something we have to wait for a later build for?

You need to set Translucency Lighting Mode to TLM_Surface to get reflections. It’s not great, but better than nothing. Also you might want to use a specular value over 1 if you want to boost the reflections.

Here is the latest version, i spread out the subsurface scattering a bit, brightened it up and added a few more wave patterns. I also added screen dirt and enhanced the lens flares and bloom

SPR still arent working with translucency even with surface mode selected and when i use anything over 1 it just makes the material dark and hyper contrasty

*Watch in HD

Here is the latest version using translucency and depth bias alpha, still no SPR or Specular on translucency and i plan on adding some froth that shows up when it hits the shoreline

*Watch in HD

This looks great! any chance we could see a shot of your shader build?

Sure, here is the current shader Tree for the translucent version but it’s not final by any means, i am going to add froth, shorelines, etc.

*Right Click and Open Image in New Tab to see full-res

Well done, cant wait to see it in a game :slight_smile:

Nice and thanks for the material setup. :wink:

Looks better and better every time I see a new vid!
Good job I say Sir!!

Thanks! I was going to port & boost up my old UE3 ocean shader… but I think I’ll give this a close look!

If you don’t mind… what’s you way to create the normal textures? Baked from heightmaps?
I used FilterForge and basic Photoshop filter stuff most of the time…
Do you know better ways? :smiley:

Coastlines always are a difficult matter. Hard to make it look good as the ocean’s waves don’t know the direction of the beach :stuck_out_tongue:
I was working on basing the waves animation direction on flow maps… but UE3 shader possibilities were too limited for that.
Maybe I’ll have more success with UE4. Still, using a flow map detailed enough for a large world takes alot of memory…

This is thoroughly impressive! Would you be interested in posting a showcase page about it on the Unreal Engine Wiki? You can see HERE that we need some more community members showing off their talents. I could see this easily being the featured article!

In any case, thank you for this contribution to the community!

Wow awesome thanx for sharing! Something new to learn from!!