UE4 water does not render when playing, only underwater post processing works but not surface

Hi. I added a river (the new ue 4.26 water plugin) to my landscape and it shows up fine in the editor, but does not render when playing. I noticed that if I jump into the river, the underwater post processing kicks in, so the river definitely is there. For some reason it just doesn’t show up when looking from above when playing. Any ideas?

Hi, this might be a collisions issue. I’ve had the same thing happen with background elements that were very large (downtown las vegas size). As a quick test, if you shrink the river, does that solve the rendering issue? If so, you might try parenting the river to a large box collision and ticking on “use parent bounds”, or dicing the river into multiple meshes.

Thanks for the answer. It doesn’t seem to be about the size. Making the rive smaller (tried cutting, scaling and making shallower) did not work. :confused:

I have found the culprit. It was the CullDistanceVolume. For some reason it affected the water mesh actor. I unchecked the “Allow Cull Distance Volume” on it and voila! What a stupid thing :smiley: