UE4 Voxel Procedural generation?

There are basically two ways of doing procedural content creation, the first one is to create all from scratch even the geometry and the second is to use pre-made content and spawn it in the map applying procedural algorithms.

Some info about both techinques:

  1. Wiki post about procedural mesh generation: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums
  2. Official training video about procedural content generation using static mesh instances: Twitch

The first technique will also require to spawn your procedural content on the map though.

EDIT: I’ll resolve the issue for now. If you need any further assistance just open it again and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Hey, sorry for my english. I’m french.

I want to create a system with blueprint to make a island with procedural generation?

Thank’s you for help.

Thank’s for the answer, i want to use only blueprint and i have look “3:30pm ET - Training - Procedural Room Generation - Live from HQ” but i don’t know how i cam make a map a big map with some layer.

Like 0 = water; full
1 = sand;
2 = grass;

And all layers looks like an island.

There are many ways on doing layers, you can do it just block-based like in minecraft or really creating different types of ‘tiles’ that represent water, sand, grass, etc.

This wiki has a lot of information about most of the techniques used, you can implement them in blueprint.

yes just store your hightmap data and then use it as a source for your procedural generation.

I have hear “perlin noise” You think i can create aleatory heightmap and make it like minecraft with block?

Do you need further assistance on the issue?

The link to the second video is dead. Is there another source for that?