UE4 "The Heightmap's files resolution does not match" HELP!

Hello this is my first time posting anything on UE4’s forums page! I’ve ran into an issue with importing my heightmap from World Creator. The map size is 16384m and for some reason UE4 won’t let me import it. I’ve exported it using Raw16 and PNG16 from World Creator, I’ve also saved it as a PNG and used photoshop to greyscale it and it still didn’t work. I know UE4’s max heightmap import size is 20km but idk if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m missing something. If anyone can help I’d be extremely grateful. Thank you!

Hi, take a look at this here Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

AFAIK the max size you can have for a single landscape is smaller than 16384x16384 (you can ofc have several smaller landscapes that form a larger one). AFAIK this with the 20km is what you can do without world origin shifting, but I never build something that large, so no idea there.

Also you can’t have a size like 16384 for your landscape, UE needs a power of two per section and with that you won’t end up with something like 16384. In the link above are the recommented landscape sizes.

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Ok I see, Ill try a smaller size and split the map and into four parts and see how that works. Thank you!

It would be nice for you to update us with the results.