UE4 StaticMesh Actor Collision doesnt work

as the title says the Collision for some StaticMeshActors arent working.
I compared it with the starter Pack and everthing is the same, like Block all and something.
When I shoot the Mesh the shoot is “blocked” but if I run against it I can go trough the Mesh…
But the settings are exactly the same like on the Box Mesh from the Starter Kit (The Settings on the right, like LOD and so on if you open the Mesh with double-click)

That deppends of the collisions configurations you set in your mesh. If you want a mesh who cannot be overlapped, that is, a mesh who blocks everything, you can set the complex collision + simples collision and use collision complex as simple, like the prints:

[To access this window you can doubleclick in your mesh]

I don’t know why or how this works, but it does.

By the way, i don’t recommend copy anything to other projects, you should just learn with them, because a lot of blueprints are made to a especific project with especific settings, so MAYBE they cannot work like you want in your project.

[I hope you understand my bad english]

Hello, thank you for your answer.
I tried it in this way but that doesnt helps :S
Even the Collosion Presets are on “BlockAll” so for my understanding it should work.

As you can see there is a simple collision but i can walk through the wall. so not that good. xD

Make sure you change the “Collision Complexity”. Actually i always let collision presets, by default, in “BlockAll”, but the same happened with me, never block anything. That’s normal, u should know something: Simple Collision make a simple BOX around your mesh. Complex Collision mostly make a perfect collision around the polygons of your mesh. This collisions will block objects or other things according your “Collision Presets”. Anyway, all of that should not work properly if you don’t change, according to your preferences, the “Collision Complexity”, as i showed in the second print.

If anything of that works, probably your mesh(character who are overlapping this wall) have no collision, a box collision or something like that.

You can also create a blueprint of this mesh, and set a box(sphere or something) collision component: this never goes wrong.