UE4 started to have Problems with Multiplayer and Replication in 4.22 4.23 4.24?

Good afternoon, we used version 4.16 everything was fine, but when moving to 4.22 and subsequent versions, I encountered a problem that the clients are twitching. We checked many things, started to think that our programmers messed up with replication and seriously did something wrong in multiplayer settings, also we checked designers who may did very heavy maps with low fps, we checked evrything even tried to use 4.23 and 4.24 versions but still twiching were present on clients screens. But than we decided to get back to 4.16 version and all the twiching desapear, can you suggest the reason of such behaviour or have you been asked similar question before and what did you suggested to do to fix this problem for latter versions such as 4.22 and 4.23 4.24

Define twitching. I had issues in 4.23 with snapto rotation due to latency. Not sure if that’s what you mean by twitching.

Well, whille pawn moving forward and turning - some strange network delays, it looks like clients getting some delays and server make them equal to server, therefore it is possible to see twiching, Pawn is a vehicle- on low speed twichings looks like vibrating screens and on higher speed 85 km/h it is possible to see how the pawn actualy instatnly teleports futhere down the road 10 -20 meters ahead and all objects teleporting too, no smoth moving. Total amount of clients 11 see the link on the video, let me know if you have any toughts what cab be the issue

I’ve had this problem since upgrading for 4.23 to 4.24 as well.

@Drcold88, did you find any solutions to this?

I have the same problems as soon as I exported the project to 4.22. All subsequent versions have similar problems during the rotation of additional actors on the character. Bug is visable only at large FPS higher then 30.