ue4 smokes sharp edge

Hey there, I’m using niagara system to create smoke through sub uv material but the smoke is having a sharp edges and i don’t know why, any ideas on how to fix it?

  • I tried a different texture and it worked fine but i want to fix this one if possible

and here’s the texture i’m using

the material

hi @Ghost_Masaki

add a spherical alpha mask on your opacity to feather out the blocky edges

But that said does that texture have an alpha? or is it just white background when you pasted in here?

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hello @High500, i tried it and it didn’t work, it messed up the animation.

here’s a picture, in case i’ve missed something.

and yes the picture has an alpha but i guess it got removed after the upload.

Do me a favour and preview the spheremask node, also delink that texcoords node its a subUV texture.

ive just noticed you have it as default lit, try unlit, also try additive mode , but do them seperatley.

My smoke is set to Additive and unlit.

Also check your bounds if you are using GPU. maybe try make them larger. but it stands a chance you might be getting lighting appear using lit mode

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@High500, so i tried your suggestions, they didn’t work but they gave me an idea and i managed to fix the issue.

by changing the blend mode to opaque i saw that there’s a problem with the texture sample uvs, so i just changed some values on the textCoord and it worked out

thanks :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it. That is difinatley an issue there in the corner good find but are your sprite sizes correct from the start? You could have been a fraction off , or the original image size was modified and wasnt divisable by 8 or whatever size they were, should have been a square image of equal sized sides

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yeah i think the image size is messed up cuz i didn’t modify it at all

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