UE4 Set up and Flow flushing in Windows and Linux

Hi Guys,

I have an installation of UE4.17 in Windows and Linux both. I am facing couple of issues to flow flush them. Would you please reply to below questions… I’ve searched them all in AnswerHub threads and Google but didn’t find any comprehensive reply.

  1. The Windows version has persistent compilation error. I have MSVS community edition installed and with VS Build Tools. However if I try to build an example project either from the engine or the VS, I keep on facing compilation issues. After browsing through answerhub/wiki threads/Google, (downloading VS build Tools was one of the suggestions), I am still not able to compile everything. Does anybody has better suggestions.

  2. Building the project for Mac/iOS/TVOS etc Apple platforms, needs signature for developer account. My question is - does that mean I will have to pay upfront $99 before even I get to translate anything to iOS.

  3. A Linux build takes 30GB. Do you know if that can be reduced.

  4. My target is to have UE4 GUI accessible and run independently by each user. (This is a 64bit CentOS7 server that I am trying to set up.) Does hat mean I should install the UE4 as root user…

Any help in shedding light on these will be much appreciated. !!

Thanks and Regards…