UE4 Screenshots

Hey, 1st of all I would like to ask how can I change the format for screenshots, that .bmp to .jpg conversion is starting to get annoying.

  1. There is something wrong with the settings in my current project and I have not found yet the solution. When I hit play, the resolution drops down and I see everything pixelated, here is a screenshot example :

From editor : fde1ab729d50e1730c21047261dd9d522d14035d.jpeg

When I hit play or simulate : 388da3f8a46b4f04b6c2bc1d111f254715ada157.jpeg

Quick Settings > Engine Scalability Settings. Set it to Epic and that should fix the pixelation. I dont think there is a solution for different screenshot formats right now.

You can take screenshots? I’ve just gotten so used to using Snipping Tool for all of that that I didn’t bother. However, at a later point it would be great to take some higher res screenshots. Can you also change the resolution of those? Interested to hear about it. What’s the key command for screenshots in U4 and where are they stored?

Worked like a charm, thank you! Funny thing is I didn’t rememer changing that, when I was trying to get better perfomance.

You’d expect such a powerfull piece of software to be able to do something as simple as some jpeg/png screenshots.

SinKing you can press f9 for normal screenshots, however I find it best to Play> as new editor window. When playing press console “`” ( left of key 1) and write HighResShot.
For the same res you just do HighResShot 1 , for double HighRestShot 2 , for triple HighResShot 3.

The editor sets the quality automatically depending on your system when you first run it afaik, and also when you have very low fps for a certain time(it prompts that the quality settings will be lowered and you can click cancel if you dont want that.)

Thank you! Very useful. I usually pressed F11 to go into the pretty fullscreen mode and used a snapsot program to take a screenshot. Higher resolution is great, I’ll definitely try it!

Is there a good, updated list with keybard shortcuts available yet? I have one for UDK, but I would be interested in a complete list of key. and console commands that I can print and pint to my wall ^^