UE4 Roadmap

Nice idea :wink:

This kind of customer interaction you guys have provided since the UE4 release is unparalleled by any other software maker.

Thank You Epic for being AMAZING!

LPV (Light Propagation Volumes) from Lionhead (see makes GI possible and it’s on the list. It also also takes into account emitted light.

That’s great!! Covers both my concerns then, it seems. It got my vote.

#Ray Davis.

Does dynamic fracturing feature also include plans on to implement dynamic “slicing”?
I’ve seen that you just added PhysX Voronoi to U4, if you also adds Slicing… OMG :rolleyes:

Thank you so much for this humbling addition to the Unreal community. Stuff like this will really set Unreal Engine 4 apart from the other options, and secure a faithful and dedicated community. Thanks so much for pioneering this type of community for a game engine of this calibre!

Much <3

You guys rock so hard. Here’s to a more open future in the game industry!

Regarding the commenting on Trello tickets - Might I suggest providing a link to a forum thread in the Trello ticket header for people to discuss collectively outside of Trello?

I’m glad to see that the large world coordinates feature is currently sitting as the highest voted feature! Pity its on the backlog though. I just hope its done properly through 64-bit (double) floating point coordinates as I’m almost certain the majority of the developers waiting on that would be wanting the capability of multiplayer large worlds, which aren’t possible with the cell/block coordinate system I see Epic are currently considering.

Unreal Motion Graphics / Slate visual editor? all my YES

Very nice! Already took the time to vote for items :wink:

Funny to see how some Backlog items are voted on quite a lot by the community.

Yes, please.

Jeez, Epic! This is unprecedented. The level of openness towards and trust in your community is truly an example for all other engine providers (and software makers in general) to follow. It’s going to be hard for other companies to do what you guys are doing, but I think you will demonstrate a level of success and achievement with this business model that they will be left with no choice. Kudos!

I’m curious about that as well. Slicing would be cool too, This is what popped into mind though:

Is Paul Meegan around?

Some suggestions for the forums: support for [spoiler] [/spoiler] tag
Increase PM character limit from 5000, Increase Inbox storage.

Agreed, I was hoping they would open a road map and have voting. Kind of glad there’s no down voting, that might get ugly.

Yeah, a forum topic for each ticket would be cool, new subforum? Also agree that while I want massive open worlds support, it needs to handle multiplayer.

I remember an old post inspirational post on Mark Rosa’s blog, will see if I can find it.
Edit: found it. Actually lots of inspirational posts there(granted his system is based on Voxels and probably isn’t helpful in this case).
Full Solar System with the ability to land anywhere Part 1
Full Solar System with the ability to land anywhere Part 2


I couldn’t agree more. I’m pretty sure I speak for most of the entire independent game development community (large and small) when I say /fap.

I think that “just” means that you’ll be able to fracture a mesh at runtime. Slicing sounds like a different problem altogether.

I’m a little bit surprised thought to find this item on the roadmap. I tought it was already possible today. Reading through the documentation I found that you could create a UDestructibleMesh from a UStaticMesh. There are also methods like BuildFromStaticMesh and FinishDestroy, which I thought could be used at runtime to basically fracture a static mesh. I didn’t try myself yet though.

That’s probably because some of the Wishlist items are the most ambitious ones. They are the most interesting, but difficult to implement ones. I too voted on a few of them :slight_smile:

So true. I wish others would follow too. I kind of got used to Apple’s approach to developers during my years of iOS development. They release one major iOS update per year, along with some (addmittedly high quality) keynote videos. But then, you’re on your own. You don’t hear anything from them for a year, unless you’re a VIP from EA or something. A technical support incident will set you back $50 and it takes a week for them to contact you. I’ve never seen a single engineer of them on their This is probably not the fairest comparison, because Apple probably has to deal with a lot more developers and their issues. But still, just the amount of support we get from Epic is already worth the $20/month imho.

Isn’t this already possible though? I’m not sure about the performance, but this seems to be all static fractures. Still impressive of course.

Wouldn’t it be possible to add a little “discuss” button on each card’s back, that would link to a thread in a separate Roadmap forum? If there is no discussion about it yet, it could create a new thread. Otherwise, it could link to the existing thread. Maybe you could ask the Trello guys to implement something like this.

Just a great idea…

Looks like UMG is most demended feature so far

Games need GUIs :slight_smile: Sequencer will be great too, if it remotely looks anything like that concept screenshot they Epic showed in a previous stream.

I’m also surprised Dynamic Fracturing received so many votes. Lots of destructive people on here, like myself :cool:

Well it not like you can’t do UI today :stuck_out_tongue: it’s simply harder

Nice to see the vertex animation on the roadmap. Too bad it’s not officially planed.