UE4 Roadmap

I have a feeling that some of the items in the wishlist category will be the most wanted ones :smiley:

The good thing about the roadmap being available for us to see, is it gives us some idea’s of things that maybe we can help develop. ie. I am currently doing some work on Hair simulation, based on NVidias work

Great to have the roadmap open to all but I’m dissapointed there is no mention of the Windows 8 Phone, not even in the wishlist.

Cool, looking forward to seeing that in the WIP forums :wink:

You can always open a thread for any additional requests in the Feedback forums. Epic actively monitors suggestions to decide what to spend time on.

I’m seriously loving the amount of openness going on here; every time I get frustrated with the engine, it’s really calming to know that you guys actually are working on it and making an effort to communicate that with the rest of us. Every day I feel more and more that 20USD a month is totally worth it. Thanks for everything you’re doing!

I’d like to see you guys adding Networking to the documentation roadmap, as I’ve had to rely on linker errors as documentation when trying to create a networked game in C++.

For networking documentation, the card might not be on the Trello board, but we’ve definitely seen the requests for this from the community and are working on resources for you all. :slight_smile: We are actively working on adding replication documentation, so check out our new pages out here, and keep an eye out for more soon! Also, there is a new 6-part video series over Blueprint Networking, and even though it uses Blueprints instead of C++, it covers a lot of the underlying framework and should point you in the direction of the right C++ functions to check out.

You had me excited for a moment there. I guess they’re not even a month old yet, but it sure feels like it. Still greatly appreciated of course.

I find the engine astonishing. Really beautiful what it can produce.

I have one point of concern though, which steers me toward another game concept to really enjoy the engine.

I have played Unreal from the very start in 1996/1997. All UT releases, except UT 2004.

The thing with death match and related game modes is, that you simply cannot fully enjoy all the pretty things the engine is capable of,
because you are too busy running around, reacting, shooting, and completing your objectives.
I.m.o. this is the reason early arcade games were so successful - just basic graphics and flashy colours were enough for a good game.

Of course advanced graphics make the game even better, but only up to a point.
After that it becomes like killing a fly with a shotgun so to speak; too much fine detail that is not even perceived during all the action.

All those beautiful effects the engine is able to produce can only be fully appreciated when you have the time to watch it.
The game concept which comes to my mind is what we have seen in “The Nomad Soul”: A big story line with fighting arenas only as part of the game.
And you could choose to stay in the arena and try to win the international competition like in the movie “Salute of the jugger”. Only with UT rules of course.

I would vote for an adventure/mystery game, in which you can choose your own path of play.
Whether you go for detective worker, adventurer, or the life of a hardcore gladiator in death matches.
This way you can fully enjoy the capacities the engine can offer, and in the way you like it.

Hope my comment makes sense.

I’m not aware of any UMG preview available currently. Very little is known so far. It’s still in development and Epic said that it will still takes months before it’s ready.

Thanks Epic

This is very cool Epic. Thanks for sharing with us and letting us vote on our most wanted features.

I’m also glad to see this on the board with a high number of votes, even if it hasn’t made it off the wishlist yet. I’ve already ran into issues with large maps out toward the edges while testing different heightmap import settings.

Taken from the Tools stream:

This is just a mockup though, so it might end up looking differently, but I like the direction they’re taking.

You can watch all the livestreams on youtube, here’s the sequencer part:

For EPICs:
I was in hope that roadmap have features i have requested and support stuff added it to future features list, but there are still no there :frowning:
I was asking for:

  1. dynamic navmesh obstacles - [Question] Navmesh. Dynamic obstacles and skeletal actor walkable - UE4 AnswerHub
    This will be helpful for RTS like games.
  2. Collision shapes for characters - [Request]Collision shapes for CapsuleComponent in ACharacter - UE4 AnswerHub
    Is it still planned to add to roadmap later?

I realize that a proof-of-concept could range from simple to mindbogglingly complex, but could there be at some point in the future a game template for a turn-based 4x strategy game? You have RTS on the list, and that might do for most people, but I can’t stand RTS games, they don’t give me enough time to think about all the stuff going on. Just a personal observation.

In any event, an “end turn” button is kind of a big deal in a strategy game, whether it’s cooperative (a la dungeon defenders) or competitive (a la chess) or both (a la Emperor of the Fading Suns). Hopefully I just blew your mind with that callback to ye goode olde dayse.

It looks…Beautiful…What is that? New Matinee?

Sequencer. Simply speaking yes.

It will replace mantinee some time in future.

Very beautiful. So i guess this Sequencer is an advanced matinee. I hope they will add a preview of this soon in the source.

It’s already in the source, if you are feeling fancy downloading from master branch. Though I have no idea how to activate it.

I downloaded the master source but unable to compile it. Lots of errors. :frowning:

What branch did you clone? And did you download the required dependencies?