UE4 render not even close to MT2 UE4 material render!


My models textures in Marmoset Toolbag 2 and Substance Painter look great but look like garbage in UE4.

I’m using the UE4 material in MT2. The metallic map looks particularly awful in UE4.

Anyone have any ideas? Images attached.

Material seems to look good. Problem might be in your lighting setup. Also check that your textures have proper settings. Metallness and roughness should have sRGB box unchecked and you should use alpha/BC4 compression setting to them.

The normal map looks wrong to me, I think you have the right compression but you may need to invert the green channel or something like that.

Thanks for the tips, i recall seeing my roughness set as sRGB. I’ll check all of that and post results, thanks again!

Thanks so much for both of your suggestions! The compressions were wrong, sRGB was enabled on both roughness and metallic, and the normal map green channel needed to be flipped. Talk about hitting the nail on the head you guys, thanks so much.

I’m surprised I couldnt find these fixes on any of the other threads I found. Going to post the solutions on threads I created on other boards, hopefully they’ll help someone else.

I have some extensions to make, it looks like that the substance in substance is way more sharpened and has another contrasting.
Either way i like both versions very well. If that is metal then you should advance the metalic look even more its worth it!

Thanks for the feedback Kanizitas! I’ll take a look.