UE4 Real Big World. Real Roads OSM, Real Buildings, Real Landscapes.

Create your street where you live. Create your city.
Create real roads (OSM), buildings, landscapes.
Create big world.

Let’s create together
We offer you the following services:

  • Development of games
  • Creation of training simulators
  • Creation of visualization systems for entertainment complexes
  • 3D modeling for any tasks
  • Creation of materials of any complexity, shaders

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I’m left excited and confused. What exactly does this plugin do? What sort of input does the user need to provide? Where can I go to find out more information about this?

Probably it is loads data from Open Street Map and creates map based on its data.

I cannot seem to access your website at times.

Also more details on the plugins (Such as workflow) would be great.

Also Is this compatible with the World Composition toolset?

Edit: Just sent you an email @ScienceTech with a bunch of questions.

How does this work?

How to get this plugin?

Looks like fake…

Yes, they are. These plugins are compatible with the World Composition toolset.

Now the plugins are on the stage of testing and rework. We plan to share them at marketplace as they become ready.

How exactly does it work?
Can we change what buildings and materials used to create these real landscape/cities?

Even if this were real, the model in the video above is very low detail. If you inspect the road network visible in the footage it is not meant to be walked or driven upon, this is more useful for flight sims. I don’t even know if the road paths are editable once inside the editor either. It really looks like a model generated outside of the editor and then imported in as a mesh, something you do not need a plugin for.

You are mistaken. It’s not a fake.
In our video the visibility range is 100 kilometers. To draw such world manually you will need either a lot of employees or too much time. To create a big world (for example size 500 to 500 kilometers) is very difficult without such tools.

The operating principle of the plugins is the following:
You choose the area between the two latitudes and two longitudes.

With the help of Real Landscape plugin Height maps and textures for the chosen area are being downloaded from the free sources. Then a scene for Unreal is being created in the Mercator projection.

With the help of Real Roads plugin the OSM data is being downloaded for a specified area. The roads are being generated in Mercator projection using the Height Map. The type of road surface and the number of lanes are taken from OSM. If any data is missing the default values are taken.

With the help of Real Buildings plugin the OSM data is being downloaded for the chosen area. Then buildings are being located in the Mercator projection using the Height Map. The location, number of floors and the size of the houses are taken from OSM. You need to manually specify which models of houses will be used for each subtype in accordance with the OSM data. If any data is missing the default values are taken.

All depends on the purposes for which you create a scene. For mobile applications or for flight sims you will certainly need a low-poly model. But nothing prevents you to add a high poly LOD for 3D model to admire it from a close distance. Our video is recorder mostly from the bird’s-eye view. Therefore high-poly models would not be drawn on the long distances. This is an important moment in optimization. All generated models can be changed from the low-poly on the high-poly models and vice versa. Everything can be edited. You can create beautiful scenes both for hiking and for flights.

Could you please give us an example of such programs and the price for a single license for it?
Requirements: The program must build a world according to the OSM, the generating algorithm must be flexibly adjusted. The Unreal Height maps must be used. After that, all generated objects can be edited, moved or replaced in the Unreal Editor. All this must work for large scenes (for example 100 to 100 kilometers).

We didn’t find software that would meet all our requirements. That’s why we wrote these plugins ourselves.

Sent you an e-mail. Could very much use this. Any chance we can work something out?

Are you sure all the OSM data is without license if you want to use it for a game that generates revenue? This sounds a bit odd.
Can you name the sources?
The buildings are not from google earth or some other source, but have to be provided by the game developer as fbx models or similar, right?

If you want to create a game for sale you can read OSM license details here:

OpenStreetMap® is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF).
You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt our data, as long as you credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors.

Yes, you are right.

Does not this apply to non-revenue generating actions?

In the same paragraph they also say
If you alter or build upon our data, you may distribute the result only under the same license
Does not that mean that if I use the plug-in, then I can only distribute my game under Commons Open Database License (ODbL), i.e. I can not sell it (can not earn money from it)? So I would have to make my game freeware?

This should answer your question -

You can sell games but you need to keep the OSM data open. Same applies to freeware I would assume. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that OSM data does not mean 3D Models, 3D Roads or Terrains it just means the data used by OSM to generate such things.

That is how i translate it. I am also not a lawyer.

Further expanding on it - I have dug into the license and here is what is said about commerical stuff

That is from Section 3.0


That said - The folks over at BitBunch are using OSM and SRTM data extensively in their custom engine according to their blog -

@ScienceTech - How much will these plugins cost?