UE4 Ray Tracing noise evryvere

All the good time of a sunny day! I have a problem in all my projects with ray tracing. All shadows, all reflections, all noisy! Spots run along the walls after each miscalculation of light. They disappear over time, but it is worth looking at another wall, as they appear again and seem to scatter to the corners. any camera movement and the edges of shadows rattle from countless dots. I have an RTX 3060 TI video card. What should I do? Tried to turn off the reflection and global illumination denoiser in the console “r .ray tracing .Globalillumination.denoiser 0/1/2/3/4/100”. No changes at any value.
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I found this video. This describes exactly my problem! But amazingly, I change these parameters, but nothing changes! Tell me what’s the matter, please !? Video

Thats shadow noise, not rtgi noise. Increase samples to 2.

No idea why your using an image file hosting service instead of just drag and dropping into the forums, uploading image here so it doesnt just go down in a few days

Thanks for the answer, I didn’t find how to insert an image, so I did it. This problem was in version 4.26 … downloaded 4.27 and now everything works fine. Antialiasing is nice!)