UE4 project suspends process by itself after it loads 75%

[this is the 3rd attempt in writing,…please pardon my frustration if i come off angry]

I need help figuring out why my project will no longer open after debugging in Visual studio. 
i made a fresh pull from Git and the master branch works just fine, but my local branch 
after the code compiles, the uproject would reach 75% loading and the process would suspend itself.

I can think of a couple reasons for this:

  1. The git diff between local and master branch is wedging your project by creating an infinite loop.

  2. The Editor is having to recompile shaders (or build assets if compiling from UE4 source). This can take alot of time and CPU/GPU. If your PU’s are maxed out, wait for it to finish (overnight).

  3. There is some intermediate file stinking up your beans. Delete the “saved” and “intermediate” folders, and right-click the .uproject to “Generate Visual Studio Files”

If the process is actually “suspended”, I have no idea.