UE4 Programmer

Experienced UE4 Programmer looking for paid job

Here my portfolio

Feel free to contact me !

Hi, maybe it’s cause I’m on my phone but I can’t find your contact info anywhere on your art station. Where are you from?

Hi Oximus, I’ve just sent you an e-mail with an opening that we have! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Still looking for work !

hey Oximus! Contact me thtough skype :zaikonixx and let’s talk about my project coding :slight_smile:

Hello there oximus! Are you availabe for unreal 4 coding job?

Hey guys, hired Oximus for some work, and he did a great job. I mean, a truly bomb performance! He’s got fair rates, and will walk you through while he’s building it to make sure that you like what you get, and that you understand where everything is so that when it comes time for you to mess around with it, you aren’t all lost in the sauce.

5/5 would hire again.

I’m available for work !

Still looking for work !


Sent you an email before and sent another one. Waiting for your reply. :slight_smile:

Looking for work !

I sent a PM :smiley:

I sent messaged you on Skype. I’m looking forward to working together.

Hi Oximus,

Are you perhaps available for Work? Let me know and we could set up a discussion on the subject. We have a wide amount of available positions currently.

Could we perhaps have a chat via Skype?

I do NOT recommend Oximus as a freelance programmer. We had agreed on everything and he was going to start the following Monday. Monday came, and nothing. Tuesday, I started trying to contact him and he said he had poor connection issues but he was still planning on working on the project. It’s currently Thursday, and not only has he continued ignoring me, but he blocked me on Skype. Fortunately I hadn’t paid him the 50% upfront yet. If he gives a credible explanation, I’ll change this post, but for now, I’d stay clear of Oximus.

Sorry to hear that boss. If I influenced your decision with my review at all, let me know if there’s anything I can do to fix this issue.

Hello oximus are you available for work? if so contact me to my email :

Hello phantom530 I have blocked you because you took 3 month to respond me and to begin your project I have blocked you because I don’t wanna work with you and because I have found a better job thanks for your post… and you were not about to pay me anything you are just a spammer

I didn’t realize 3 days became 3 months. Also, you are the one that wanted to start a few days later.

Then Monday comes (look at the date)

Enough said.

lol yeah enough said.