UE4 Poor Performance

I’ve been profiling my system use, and UE4 is only using 1gb of RAM. I’m getting pretty terrible performance as a result, is there any way for me to make sure it uses more? Here are my specs:

Poor performance how? The GTX 760 isn’t the best graphics card in the world, so there’s that. I doubt that RAM is the issue (Unless you have a huge world), as there would likely be problems if it used less than it needs.

Umm, I have GTX 760 and I never had any problems with performance

UE will gladly use 4, 16, 20GB of RAM when needed, so if it stays under 1GB, maybe it doesn’t need more. Using more RAM doesn’t automatically bring better performance.

Without more information it’s impossible to say what’s the problem here. Care to share your level ? Profiling data ? Did you run console commands to track down what slows your game down ?

If that’s accurate then you have very old RAM, I would replace it, since you can get something 2x better for very cheap, your machine should be able to support DDR3 1600mhz

Also, you might try disabling SLI, UE4 can’t take advantage of it and it’s sometimes buggy.

Sometimes it is not bad performance, if you for eg do not rebuild lights, even best hardware will boil with unreal editor.

I googled your motherboard, i think it is what you get for buying micro ATX motherboard, while it may be fine for most games, unreal editor is not a game it demands quite powerful and new hardware (that includes chipset and all that stuff around). I have not time for finding why this motherboard (chipset) performs so bad with unreal, but your setup is a bit low for unreal editor.

I have quite old motherboard myself, with 980ti and 16gb ram, I am also developing games for mobile platforms (which mean almost no lights, low poly etc) and sometimes unreal shows me that i need newer motherboard. So you should be able to create some simple games, but anything like real PC game, will demand more from hardware.

Some software report the actual frequency of DDR memory. Effective frequency would be 1600 MHz since it’s double data rate.

I think if you are really pationate about making a game, you will do anything in your hands (legally) to get a good system to have no issues testing.

I have gtx 980ti, i7 4790k, and 32 gb of ram… Not the best in the world, but high enough to let me do some good testing in what and what not to do and have a good time while at it.

I agree, I have the same setup (Except only 24GB of RAM), and it can handle your everyday game development tasks with ease.

All this aside, comparing to cryengine and unity, UE4 runs like 2-3 times heavier for me (tried on different PCs with different hardware as well).

Speaking of unity, as far as I can tell, UE4 takes longer time starting up, BUT editor performance (in UE4) is significantly better.