UE4 Performance issue (Google VR project)


I am developing a Google VR project but I get stuttering every few seconds while working in the UE4 editor. The stuttering is gone in the packaged game (testing on mobile is very smooth).

I ran a profiler and I noticed every few seconds UE4 calls “FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable” which takes 1000ms of CPU time, Can anyone explain what that is and how to get rid of it?

I am also seeing “FTcpMessageTransport” and “FUdpMessageBeacon” taking up 1000ms of CPU time occasionally.

Anyone have any idea what these are and how to fix this? The longer I work on my project the more often the stuttering gets. I have to restart UE4 to get rid of it but after a few minutes it comes back.


I have the same issue in my 4.25 VR Projekt.
luklew10 have you selved the problem?
Can Somebody help?

Getting this issue on 4.20 in a regular windows project. Just started all of a sudden and happens only when I have a particular enemy blueprint in the game. Haven’t found much online about this issue. =/

Sorry guys, I don’t remember how I overcame this issue. I recall it being something to do with ADB timeouts or something along these lines. I think it was ADB related issue.

What are ADB timeouts? Is that something that needs to be configured in the project settings?

Any solution on this?

Like I mentioned above, I only remember it something to do with ADB timeouts
I vaguely recall uninstalling or changing ADB versions.