UE4 Outline without post-processing or object duplication

Hello people!

I recently dived into Unreal engine very first time.

And I want to make a typical cartoon-like shader(cel shading + outline) for my project. But the problem is outline part because I want to avoid post processing to render them since my game will run on a mobile device so I’m pretty careful for the performance decrease.

And apparently, there is an way to draw outline without post processing but all I could find were simply duplicate same object and applying outline-only material to duplicated one. But what I wanted is like rendering object over two passes(e.g. on first pass, render mesh as cel shaded and on second pass, render mesh as outline). This could be easily done on Unity because I could distribute each passes while writing shader code.

So my question is, is there anyway I can render object over two passes just like I could do on the Unity? Or if that is not possible, won’t the object duplication cause too much overhead to render them?

Thank you for reading my question and sorry for the bad English.