UE4 online construction lights can break it?

I made a relatively large scene, modified BaseLightmass.ini,So the construction time is relatively long,At the beginning I used it swarm Agent With four machines to my computer,But built a night the next morning came back when I found build to more than 70 percent,Then colleagues work,So all put swarm agent Back, but do not know why I still show here,4 CPUs working ![9B]$O)JE{YM0I~U%7BTM}J.png|675x628](upload://maE81wDNjuIpmjsbUWiWB25lqvy.png),But now only one of my own computers is building lights ![9B]$O)JE{YM0I~U%7BTM}J.png|675x628](upload://uIu4RiaGYTooXjGNVGujw771P4o.png), Now I want to even more than a few computers to help me build lighting to improve efficiency, how to do it?

It might be on the last objects–it renders one object per thread so you can end up with all other objects finished while single threads try to finish up and the other threads can’t contribute.