UE4 on 32-bit windows OS ?

So as the title said, I have a 32-bit OS and I’ve just subscribed to unreal and downloaded the engine for PC, I noticed under the requirements “64-bit system” but I didnt give it much importance … now after the download it wont install the game …
So what to do, buy new pc? install new copy or windows 7 for 64-bit ? help …

UE4 runs on 32-bit Windows.

Not sure what you’re referring to by “it wont install the game …” - what game?

You can only install Windows 7 for 64-bit if you got a 64-bit processor.

UE4 will not run on a 32 bit PC, from the minimum requirements on the faq:

Unless there is a secondary download, the installation uses the 64-bit Program Files only.

I mean the engine not game, my mistake.
So … this means a new computer … ****.

Just get a windows 7 64-bit upgrade for your computer, as long as your specs meet the required above, you shouldn’t need a new pc, but just to be sure, what are your computer’s specs?

my computer’s spec

EDIT: couldn’t add pic via insert image, why?

anyways …

processor: i5-2310 2.9GHz
installed memory (RAM): 4GB
system type: 32-bit operation system
windows 7 ultimate
service pack 1

UE4 runs on 32-bit Windows. The FAQ probably means the editor only runs on 64-bit Windows which makes sense since it uses a lot of memory. Madmarv clarified what he meant with game, but before he did I assumed he was talking about a demo binary and not the editor itself.

sorry but how do you do that? via the windows 7 installation cd? I boot it and choose upgrade system?

Is that processor 64 bit? Remember that it has to.

well I just googled information about this subject and turns out that I must buy a new pc … this pc that I have is x86 which means only runs a 32-bit OS. I must get a x64 system to be able to run a 64-bit OS. Correct me if I’m mistaken … if not I will go buy a new pc tomorow, this pc has become old anyways …

That is a 64bit CPU so you only need a 64bit OS. But go ahead and upgrade if you can, since 4GB RAM wont be enough in the long run anyway.

Are you sure? x86 = 64-bit, and x64 = 32-bit ?

Also, where can I look for the BEST hardware requirement for UE4? so far I only saw minimum requirement …

Where are you seeing x86? All i5 processors are 64 bit.

As to recommended system: I’m building my own PC for UE4 development. What do you recommend? - UE4 AnswerHub

from this link: How to Determine If You Have a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU
I followed the steps and I discovered that my system is x86 … running i5 processor … is that not possible? strange…

UE4, will not work on a 32bit computer, I dont care if it will technically “install”, I have had problems keeping UE4 going with less than 8gb of ram, so its not going to work on a 32bit computer, in any usable fashion.

You can say I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t want to be using UE4 with less than 16gb of ram, I have 24.

Get CPU-Z, start it up and then check Instructions section and see if it says EM64T.

As per intel, your CPU is 64 bit:

So go to (for windows 8.1) or your favorite retail outlet, and get an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit (or even windows 8.1 64 bit if you want), your machine will run either OS just fine. :slight_smile:

**EDIT: Sorry Stefan, I thought you meant the editor… :slight_smile:


Get CPU-Z, start it up and then check Instructions section and see if it says EM64T./-09 QUOTE]

yes it says EM64T, among of many others as well … like MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 etc etc …
does that mean 64x system?

Yes it does.

All you need is a 64 bit version of windows, which you can purchase from almost any computer store. You can get Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (it’s up to you which you prefer), just make sure it is the 64 bit version! :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you are going to the computer store and have some cash, I would also get some more RAM, 4gb will work but more is better here. Also what kind of video card do you have? Make sure it meets the minimum specs as well, which are:

NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher

Unless your mainboard will take more than 4 gig ram it would probably be wise to consider an upgrade, if unsure check the manufacturers specs for the board.
Although from memory most i5 capable boards do accept 16 or 32 gig ram.
Personally I suggest the boards that take at least 32 gig as the need for ram always increases :slight_smile: