UE4 Node Lines Colour Meanings


I was wondering what the line’s colors meant. Is there a list of colours somewhere? Thanks

I found your answer @anonymous_user_270a0ed8

Please see this link. It explains the connector colors as based on the pin colors.

  1. Dark Red – Binary
  2. Aqua Green – Integer
  3. Yellow-Green – Float
  4. Magenta – String
  5. Orange – Transform
  6. Yellow – Vector
  7. Dark Blue – Linear Color
  8. Sky Blue – Rotator

Generally though… I’m sorry it took so long for someone to get this answer to you. I’m an Unreal noob and needed this information. A two year wait on an answer, for one of the most popular pieces of software in the whole world, is ridiculous. This lack of documentation is endemic though of Unreal and is a great hindrance to new developers.

This… right here… is why we can’t have nice things. This question has been up for two years… and no answer.
And I came here looking for the same thing.

Still… no answer.

Color simply indicate types of pins, but keep in mind they more like a helper then hard line design of blueprint system and in some cases like classes, object and structures pins can be incompatible regardless of having same color.

Also Dark blue is structure, please note that Vector, Rotator and Transform are also structures, just they are diffrently colored as they very common types

You also missed Purple which indicates class identifier

What About Functions I have seen Blue (normal) green (pure) but I have seen a yellow or a gold one, not sure what that one is or how to recreate it, can’t google it either, have no idea what to type in, I have tried though, it is how I got here, I knew most of these meanings, and it is sad Unreal doesn’t keep up with documentation, searched there too.