UE4 - Niagara FX not showing in the viewport, why?

Hi, i created a Niagara FX, it loops forever, and it looks cool in-game, but, if i add it to the viewport, it doesn´t show… I have added Niagara FX before and they have showed, now, not any FX is showing in the viewport; visible, auto active and forcé solo are all checked, and it makes it harder to design the scene,

what can i do?

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Hi guys, it finally worked… this is what i did to fix it:

I chaged each scalability setting to low, then to high, next in Viewport Options (the small triangle) opened “Layouts” and choose a three panel view, then, suddenly every effect became active in the main window, it has to be a bugg in Unreal 4.24 or something you click in the viewport,

New issue: If i manually add or duplicate an existant Niagara Emiter, same problem, it wont activate in the viewport after adding it… i need to do the entire process again… or keep a “two panes” active, never change to “One pane”

I hope this helps dev team to fix this Niagara bugg.

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Similar isuue happening here. Works after change to 3 panel and change it back…