UE4 Newbie who is searching a helper


first of all, sorry for my bad english. :rolleyes:

Im searching a Helper, who can fix or help me to find the problems where there are placed.
Its just about little things, i think…

Btw i would pay for this help if required.

Please just add me on Skype:

Kind Regards


It might help to let people know where your at. There are unreal meetups all over the world.
If there isnt one near you maybe you could start one.

No thats not helpful, because im just a newbie and want someone who can help me by some Issues ive got, not more.

A long time ago I went to a lan party where some people were playing unreal tournament, and one guy showed me udk. I had no idea what a game engine was, or even capable of. If you list problems, or ask questions here considerately. Then people will help you find useful things, or help you to discover. There’s a lot of goodies under the carpet.
If you open the launcher, and click on Learn.
Scroll down, and youll find projects which are basically Unreal Engine in house open source.
Content examples project is free to download, and use. The learn tab is a great place to start.
You can also place a post under a hiring tab. There are freelancers I’m sure willing to help.

Dude i just want help for a issue ive got, the rest youve postet is not interesting just spamming…Thanks anyways but…

Ive got a Problem with AimSpace and with Running Jump.

What he is saying is you don’t necessarily have to pay someone for help. It would be better to hire someone locally to come to your house and collaborate on your projects with you than to attempt to hire help over the internet, this person would also speak your native language. They are presenting alternative and more useful solutions, not spamming you. You should look into seeing if there is a game developer meetup in your local area. You can do this using Facebook, or any other type of social media. Those meetups will have the people you are looking to hire in person. Majority of developers don’t want to work over Skype because it can cost more money than you earn (Especially if you are pushing and pulling to a repository a lot.) The link he just gave you was a list of freelancers who would be willing to help. You are being given answers, you just aren’t accepting them. It’s not spam. With your short and rude attitude no one will want to work with you.

And again, im just searching a guy who is helping me, without meeting or anything. Just one who can help me if i have Problems, with paying or without.
Just for a example, a guy who wants to improve or train his skills and help otherwise people too.
Its about little things like how to make a aimspace for the Bow_Animations because theres no like in the Ironrifle_Aimspace.
And then its not interesting to go to meetups or something. If i want this, i would ask for it, but thats not the reason why im asking.
And sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the tasks are for the person you’re hiring. Finding someone local who speaks your language will work best for you. If you only have simple questions for basic stuff then you’ll probably get more bang for your buck. It won’t matter what you ask them for. You’re paying them. What you might want to post in the looking for help forum is a list of all the features of unreal you want to become familiar with and say that you’re hiring a private tutor that can help you with this stuff, That way you can hire different people who are experienced with different aspects of unreal. That way you get really in depth stuff across the board, or you can find a generalist who can teach you all the basics of all aspects. Either way I think writing down a feature list and a set of goals of what you want to understand will clearly communicate what you’re trying to achieve and result in you getting the exact help you are looking for.

It seems like you’re looking for somebody who can be your personal helper when you get stuck with a problem, but that’s actually what this message board is for!
If you have an issue, make a post about the problem, include screenshots or a video and if possible your blueprint layouts or code.
I know that everyone can use help now and then, I’ve been there and I’m STILL there myself sometimes! BUT, I also know that everyone is busy with their own UE4 stuff, Real life and everything in between. If there was one person out there who was able to drop what he was doing and help a single person with all their UE4 problems, I would like to know them lol