UE4 + multiple graphics cards = dedicated output for Oculus Rift?

I have both a GTX Titan and AMD R9 280x in my workstation.

GTX Titan is my primary display card, but I would like to use the R9 280x as a dedicate display to Oculus Rift.

Is this possible, and if not, what would it take to accomplish.

Preferably it should be platform agnostic, although I plan to 100% move to Linux once UE4 Editor is ready for it.


No, UE4 doesn’t support SLI much less two completely different cards.

I never said SLI…and obviously you cannot SLI two different cards.

What I would like to do is dedicate output of my Radeon HD to Oculus Rift, while keeping GTX Titan for my primary display. That way I do not need to switch cables or muck around with anything…

I would highly suggest sticking with the same company for this. Eventually you were more than likely have driver problems. However doesn’t your titan have around 4 video outputs anyway?

I guess I wasn’t being clear on what I wanted to do.

Keep GTX Titan as my primary display for UE4 Editor, and use R9 280x as a dedicated output device for Oculus Rift.

That way there’s no switching screens, plugging and unplugging cables etc.

Instead, through some (option, plugin, etc?) one could specify to target the game output to whatever card/display. i’m thinking something like in Linux, X:0, X:1, etc…

Why would you want to do that when you could just occupy one of the four possible outputs that the Titan gives?

Because once you plug another output into Titan or any Nvidia card, they run even hotter and performance goes down since it needs to render two outputs.

For Rift you really need every bit you can squeeze to get the best performance…

This should work out of the box. If you connect your Rift to the Radeon and then have it extend your main monitor rather than clone it, once you start your game the Rift should be detected and the game should start on the Rift no matter what it’s connected to.

Something like this? Where display 2 is the Rift (don’t mind my other 2 monitors):

Thanks for that, I suppose I did not really consider all the possibilities. Will give it a try…

You need to start the game in standalone mode from the UE4 editor to get it to switch to the Rift of course, but surely you already know that.