Ue4 multiplayer name reversed

Tried doing a authority check on the server, didint work that either, seems impossible, since the player controller only exist for the server and the client owner, i would guess casting to your playerstate using your controller reference would work, but it doesnt.

So what basicly i got at the start is a name umg where you can type your name and send it

This sends command to the designated player controller

which sends the name to the gamemode (server)

which sets the playername in the playerstate

As i understood its supposed to be like this, but this is the problem:
Once you connect to the server, and type your name, the second player connects to the server and has the name you typed in.
After that the second player that connected types his name and then the first player that connected gets what he typed. So they are basiclyy typing names for each other.

This is how the widget over the players head gets the text variable.
Its basicly a widget over the player chaaracters head.