UE4 Material Performance

Hello! :smiley:

I just got a simple question, and I can’t find an answer to this:

The most performance friendly Solution with Materials is to use one master material, instead oft thousands of materials.
(I know, Stativ switch and so on makes two Materials. This Master Material is for assets only, so verry simple.)

Or is it performance wise better to have one material and use a checker Texture with all the colors, and UV the poligons, to have the correct color.

Note: We are using only simple colors, nothing else in those assets.

What would you do, the performance is verry important.

Don’t use a bitmap at all. Color with a vector parameter. you will only need 1 uv set this way - for the lightmap

So you would use a tons of Material instances (with chanced parameters) of one simple Master-Material, instead of one Material, but with a texture loaded in! Thanks :slight_smile:

Using one master shader and material instances vs using multiple materials has little to no effect on the actual performance.