UE4 lighting - arch interior

Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums.

I have attached a screenshot of my detailed lighting. The scene has all the same material so just looking for some knowledge on why all my ceilings are a darker shade?

I have activated and de activated the skylight hemisphere which i thought would be the problem but to no avail. All the ceilings are separate fbx’s for each room with the light map set at 1024.

my indirect lighting bounce in global settings is set fairly high at 100.

any advice would be great!!

Ceilings are usually dark, though I’m not seeing much shadow in general, have you tested using the default lighting setup that uses a directional light for the sun?

yeah it just seemed alot darker as i expected the light bounce to affect it a bit more. Attached is a screen of the scene lit. There is a directional in those rooms. The first space is a hallway in the middle so the directional light doesnt cast light into that area. Suppose once i have the interior lights in here the shadows will start to show.

Build the lights with only a directional light, no sky light, first. Then go from there and add additional lights, increase quality, etc. as needed.