ue4 lens flare????

As a workaround, why not create a Blueprint to hold the lens flare particle system?

Every Tick, you can have it trace from its own root in the direction of the player’s Camera Component, for that component. If it gets a hit, it sets itself to be Visible / enables the particle system, and if it doesn’t get a hit, it disables its own visbility / deactivates the particle system.

It’s sort of a hacky workaround but it should be effective… And once you have the logic built you can expand it by calculating the angle difference between the surface and the camera to parametrize the size and intensity of the lens flare.

Hi! I’m a new user of the UE4, and unfortunately a little bit obsessed with the anamorphic lens flare. I didn’t understood the tutorial posted by Hobson. There is a more detailed tutorial, or something else, that can allow me to achive the same result?

Hi, I’ve made a shader to simulate Lens Flare effect. It can correctly detect if effect is blocking by some object in front and keeps constant screen scale. Check it here