UE4 Landscape Material and Slope/Height Blends


I’m currently producing a landscape for a folio piece, and i’ve been following this tutorial:
Whilst incorporating my own knowledge and techniques from other videos etc. The issue i’m having is although i’ve produced my own advanced landscape material and it paints effectively over my environment fine i’d like to add a slope based blend into the mix across these materials. I’m struggling as each time I put in nodes it doesn’t work.

My Current material graph:

A basic test I did that worked:
Basic Test.JPG

An example of what i’d like to achieve with my current material graph:

If you could help me combine the technical aspects of B with my aesthetics of A i’d gladly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late edit, but would it be easier and more efficient for me to produce splat maps and masks for each material layer via world machine or the blend/height/normal UE4 Shader code.

Some help would be greatly appreciated guys! id just like my latest material graph to blend based on slope and height normals… :frowning:

Just for further clarification…
[Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I](Imgur: The magic of the Internet) just want to add a slope based blend between my materials with my materials and layer blend…