UE4 keeps crashing, most likely ITWEEN. plz send help

Hello all

So I was working on my game today, working on UI when all of a sudden my game started to crash when I hit play. So i figure I did something wrong, and i deleted my recent changes. Still crashed. I deleted the work I had done the whole day ( when it was working ); still crashed when I hit play. So i undeleted my work because obviously that wasn’t the problem and went through the logs. Apparently UE4 couldnt find Itween or some nonsense… so in my blueprint that used an ITween function, I unhooked the function and voila! I could hit play without it crashing. So i uninstalled Itween and reinstalled it, and it didn’t help. I have been using ITween for this project using the same version of UE for quite awhile and honestly I’m lost. I wasn’t even messing around with ITween today…

I dont know if this helps but when I uninstall ITween, it still shows up in UE under C++. Just fyi I’m using blueprints & c++…

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey ,

As this is not something that we officially support, I’d recommend taking a look at the forum thread and posting the issue there for further assistance from the owner of this plugin.

Here’s the thread: [Open Beta] Procedural On-the-Fly Animation in UE4: iTween! - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

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