UE4 Is Eating 1800MB of RAM ! !!

A mate and I have made a simple building which only consists of Boxes, Its not a large area its only 30Metres x 30metres x 30 metres. I have used Control+Z to UNDO actions and when i Undo, whatever was there seems to be Stuck in my systems RAM Even upon closing UE4, It uses 100% of my Disk transfer doing gods what what?? and steals approximately 40% of my RAM EVEN THOUGH THE PROGRAM IS CLOSED.

I rebooted the System, as i had no choice but to do so. Upon a reboot i opened Unreal Editor again and Loaded the same level that before was using 2+1/2 GB of RAM, and this time round it was only using 800mb RAM! So what is causing the issue which means i have to restart my PC just to be able to use it!

Were guessing its something to do with a bug in the UNDO functions “memory Management”

Any Ideas guys?

The System in Question is as Follows,

AMD A10-7600K Black Edition Quad Core, Running @ 4.3GHZ
Integrated GFX from APU @ 2GB
Windows 8.1 Professional

Post this in the feedback for Epic Section.

You are more likely to get support there. :slight_smile:

Unreal Engine has crashed 2 of my old hardrive 500go x2 = 1T , :frowning:

I am not the One , my friend too 1 hardrive crashed

Work only with Persona Now ! but no performence problem , ue4 it’s really good speed

Hi Jamesgti14,

Can you post this to the AnswerHub](http://answers.unrealengine.com) in the Bugs section? Once this is posted make sure to post a link to the forum here as well along with posting your AnswerHub post link here for coverage. Also, with it being in the bugs section we can then assign it out to one of our support team to take a look at and see if we can get the same results.

Make sure to post as much information as possible to help us replicate the issue.

Thank you!

You don’t have 8GB of RAM - do the math. You can see from your own screenshot that approximately 2.5GB in usage constitutes approximately 80% of your total.

You have 3GB of RAM.

I tend to find that the editor will often use in excess of 2GB of memory, likely because it’s loaded things like assets in the background somewhere.

If he has indeed 8GB of ram then he is in a 32bit system i think lal

Need a bigger system to build games :stuck_out_tongue:

32 bit systems can run only up to or maybe a bit less than 4gb ram iirc (maybe only like 3, 3.5? I really can’t remember, but not as high as 8gb), so if he’s got 8gb ram chances are hes running x64.

I am fully aware that x32 can run up to 3.3GB only sir. I was replying to my above post. Implying that if he has 8GB plugged in and only 3.something show up then that means he is not in a x64 system.

The engine using 1800 mb is not a big deal, expect most “bigger” softwares you’ll use while developing games to use a lot more. And since your system seems to only have about 3gb like ambershee stated, you might want to upgrade, or switch to a 64 bit system if you’re actually running 32.

I can confirm that :slight_smile:
Especially if you want to have the applications run at the same time.
Typically I have the following applications open when I work with UE4:
UE4.43 (4-8 GB), 3dsMax 2013 (2-3 GB), Photoshop CS5 (1 GB), Zbrush R45 (3 GB), Audition CS5 (2-3 GB).
So with “high grade” assets open everywhere, (high poly mesh in max, a dozen 4096*4096 textures in PS, etc), I can easily end up with around 20+ GB RAM used.
Having a 32 GB system really helps here. Also having a dedicated physical drive as sole “temp files drive” did help the performance. :slight_smile:


Indeed, I can’t understand how I used to survive with only 12gb, now I run 32gb in both computers and it’s an absolute bliss, no more turning off certain applications just to run another one. Saves a lot of time and frustration. Also, having enough to set up a ram disk for certain tasks is really useful.

You never worked on big editor to whine about 2GB of RAM on an Editor, Editors like Anvil or SnowDrop can take more than 20GB in bigger map with alots of details. If you are working on anything bigger than mobile games 16-32GB of RAM is a must.

Firstly i Am using a 64bit O/s , im well aware that a 32 bit o/s will not utilize more than 3-4 GB RAM, secondly i have 8GB ram! and yes my APU uses 2GB for GFX, so? 6GB is still plenty. Its a memory LEAK problem! If you let the engine idle for half an hour or even 5 minutes, the memory usage goes up and up and up. Even though its not doing anything extra. It starts at 450Mb then goes up to 2.5GB !! So tell me thats normal if its idling and not being used…

I see people just want to ***** on these forums ,instead of reading into the problem at hand, saying “oh yes that is strange!” I wasnt Whining about it using that much memory, what im p*ssed off with is that it is a BUG that it Uses more and more and more when im not adding anything extra into the engine. ITS JUST IDLING LEFT ALONE.

Many thanks

Don’t forget to do what said here, post this on AnswerHubs in Bugs section. That way Epic can try to recreate your problem and get it fixed for you if the problem is on their end.

The reason people don’t take your thread seriously, is because you write like a kid, getting all worked up over tiny issues in a software that is constantly getting worked on and nowhere near finished. If you would just tone it down and take a breather, people would be more inclined to help. You’re the problem of the forum, not the others that keep a civil tone and discuss like grown ups.

Dont be so harsh. I think there is a fine distinction between childishness and being naive.
As a benign person, I assume the latter.
Maybe UE4 is his first “bigger” appliocation that he uses and is just surprised. Mixed with the realization that his PC (usually king of the hill with other apps) now just barely manages to keep up at certain points.


Yesterday I had a similar problem.
After a few hours my fps got worse because my memory usage was at 10gb+ running only the engine and it turned out that the launcher uses 6gb of memory.

Hi Schnorks,

There is a known issue with the Launcher that it had/had a memory leak. I’m checking to see if this has been resolved yet and I will get back to you as soon as I get a response.

Thank you!

Me too, I have same results.

If u load your scene, and say the memory use if 500meg. That is until u add a box for example, if u delete the box logic would say the mem use will return to what it once was, the mem instead going down it goes up!
If u repeat this process u run out of memory eventually!
I cleared to undo buffer-Yes

This problem once sorted will really make a big difference.