UE4 Is Eating 1800MB of RAM ! !!


just a theory, but this might have to do with the viewport lighting.
if you have built lighting, that is used in the viewport.
If you then modify geometry, the viewport switches to dynamic lighting (as the baked lighting gets invalidated).
However, the sata seems not to be released until the next lighting built.
Which means you have the (invalid) static lighting data in memory, plus the memory for the dynamic lighting…


The launcher doesn’t even use close to 6GB of memory. Quite the opposite, it’s using less than 200 MB on my machine(s). I assume that your machine is in good health and is regularly checked, defragged and so forth? Because, that really doesn’t sound right at all.

Similarly, the engine itself rarely takes up more than 3 - 5GB at a time for me, depending on the task I’m performing. As an example, the recently released ‘Atlantis’ demo uses up about 2GB.

Depends on your lightmap resolutions, textures, etc… Also depends on some other global settings as well.