UE4 Is Crashing Way Too Much

So recently whilst developing my game since about last week the crashes are VERY frequent, and it always puts me on edge and makes it very hard to make any progress. The thing is, these crashes only ever seem to happen between 1 - 2 seconds after hitting play and loading a map, or almost straight away after exiting play testing. I don’t know if anyone could help at all, but if this sounds familiar please help!

I’ve gotten this a lot. Sometimes it was from some of the threading code I had written. Are you using SteamVR or anything like that?

no, the only pluggins I have is destructibles and some other default stuff, I havent really done much to it

I get crashes sometimes on brand new projects that I’ve simply created, then closed immediately thereafter. I submitted Bug Reports for them. I can’t recall what was causing the errors. Seems better for me in 4.20.2 but who knows…

I get crashes like this all the time. I’ve noticed it can be from stale binaries that won’t update regardless of compiling in editor or building/rebuilding in Visual Studio. I’d recommend closing the editor along with Visual Studio, deleting the following folders “Binaries” “Intermediate” “Saved”, right clicking on your uproject file and selecting “Generate Visual Studio project files.”

After that, I’d reopen Visual Studio and build your project from there.

I get them running from Epic Launcher too though.

The launcher crashes, or the Editor? The Editor runs independently of the launcher.

hrmm, my project is getting bigger, still pretty small right now, but I really don’t know its just random. Only seems to be doing it on launches now, basically every other launch

I kept getting random crashes since I switched from 4.16 to 4.18 and I found it was caused by the blueprints compile manager (Blueprint Compilation Manager - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums). Turning it off in the project settings fixed it for me.

The Editor crashes quite often for us. Launcher never crashes for us.

Are you in a Blueprint project or a C++ project?

It’s possible that the crash is occurring from the shaders not finishing compiling after you’ve opened a brand new project. Shader compilation happens on separate processes, so if you’re closing the editor, you’re killing the parent process. Epic may not have implemented child process termination on parent process termination.

is this some sort of background process? because I never try to play whilst it shows compiling shaders in the corner

I am currently using version 4.20.2 and facing this continuous crash issue each time i open my project. I am new to unreal and really need help and guidance on this issue please help me fix the bug

Yes, it’s a background child process shown in editor as [compiling shaders (number of shaders)]. I was responding to Yuji Saeki in regards to getting crashes from closing a freshly opened new project.

Unrelated to background shader-compilation processes. All done, can take a tea break and come back, still close it and get crashing.

Is this a blueprint project or a C++ project?


I’ve only ever worked in C++. Doing linear algebra in node based languages is a nightmare.

I’m starting to think we won’t see much support until 4.21 or even 4.22 is out. I’m waiting for the VR/AR platform unification code to get written before I can start working again, which won’t come until 4.22 or later.