UE4 Hair Shader

Hello everyone, first-timer on the forums here. I’m working on a stylized character for an UE4 project (think Dragon Quest XI and Final Fantasy XV meets Pixar in terms of design) and I wanted to try out working with hair cards and the hair shader. I’m rendering out the hair card maps using Blender and it’s particle hair system. I’m using the cycles nodes and I can easily make a Alpha map and Root map, but I’m having trouble getting a Depth map made. Any suggestions?

If this needs to go into a different forum section, let me know.

You’re trying to use a depth map to blend the hair mesh where it intersects with the head? I’m not really understanding why you’d be using a depth map on a character’s hair. Or is this specific to blender as I’m not sure what cycles nodes are.

I would first check out each of the Paragon free characters and see if any of those hair styles meet what you need, and once you find it, open the asset and study the materials. You can export the model out to work it and see how the mesh is on the hair. Probably the export will not carry all you need to see inside blender, but it is a start.

If there is no Paragon character which meets what you are looking for, I would check if https://80.lv/ has some tutorial about the subject.