UE4 FPS Demo footsteps sounds not responding to materials


I’ve been using this tutorial Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Footstep Sounds (english) - YouTube and am able to create the footstep switches based on material in the tutorial FPS level, but when I try and do the same procedure in the free FPS Shooter Game it doesn’t work out. There is one physical material in the demo that is linked to several materials to play the default footstep sound, however when I try to add new physical materials to the materials already placed in the game, they don’t sound. Would anyone happen to know why?

I’m still stuck on this and wondering if anyone has any advice? When I created my own shapes to walk on in the level and added materials to them, the footsteps triggered no problem. However, any meshes that have been created in the game that have materials attached them (sometimes multiple materials) will not trigger my footsteps.