UE4 for Email game?

Just curious what the hassle would be to create an Email game using UE4. Triple-A (http://triplea-game.org/about/) engine only works with Axis and Allies style games. If I wanted something a bit more robust would that be very hard? or not?

what no feedback? That’s unusual.

Well for starters, what is an “email game” supposed to be? What does it have to do with that other thing? Your post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

you have never heard of Email Chess? It is just a format that does not require everybody be present at the same time. One player makes a move, then later in the day another player checks his Iphone and make his move and so on and so forth. Simple as that.

It would be extremely hard to email a ue4 game. I dont know if it’s possible, but if it was it would be in html.

If you were trying to make a game controlled by emails that would be a different challenge, if you’re trying to make a game where it stores the currently running game even while you’re offline then that’s a different case and would be much more typical. The main deal there is that you would need a server that connects the players along with storing info about game sessions. You’d need some people that know how to set up the server and people that can set up how your game connects with it in UE4.

Well, seems like you would need to just email the move (rook to E2) over email and have that update the recipients game.
I do not know if UE had imap/pop3 and smtp support. It shouldn’t be too hard in C++ code.

Why? why even do this with this engine? It’s like using nukes in a paintball contest. Isn’t there like a hundred other software that would get you this job done far easier and faster?

I see, so this is virgin territory for unreal, that’s great to know, just curious, thanks.

Paintball nukes? ooh, I know what I’m doing next time I see the “guys”. :smiley:

I would seriously doubt that there’s any built in way of accessing an email server, so you’d probably have to write something to do that. That said, unless theres literally no other way to transmit your moves, there’s many better ways to do so, and few worse.

If you were talking about it being on a mobile device, maybe you could get access to the inbox and sending mail out on the device, somehow, without having to actually talk to the server itself, and then you could just monitor the inbox for relevant traffic.

Basically, I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be possible… but I’d be really interested in understanding the reasons why you want to do it.

it is just the untapped market of people who cannot play games together, but want to play games with each other.

unless you’re trying to interface with some existing play by email system, I can’t really imagine a good reason to build something that does that. But, sure, you can do it.

well Im busy right now, but i plan to investigate the matter further. Thanks for all the feedback

Civilization 5 has a similar feature (Pitboss mode), where in you are e-mailed each time it is your move. Something like this shouldn’t be difficult to implement in UE4 (and I strongly doubt any traditional game engine has this built in), but honestly I would consider using something much more lightweight for the client since having huge loading times just to make a 5 minute turn seems somewhat off.