UE4 Error SM5 - Concerning Alpha Channels and Masking

So basically, I keep receiving this error:
Error [SM5] (Node ComponentMask) Not enough components in (Local11: float3) for component mask 0001*

It’s really baffling me, as the texture I’m using does indeed have an alpha channel, was saved as a 32-bit target and with alpha channel selected upon save. For those wondering, I’m following this tutorial -


I also attached an image so you guys could get a visual as to what’s going on. I’m stumped at this point. No matter the changes I make, I constantly receive that error. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Just based on the screenshot. It seems your output is a float3 and you’re trying to get the Alpha and it’s expecting a float4 to find that Aplha.

The function only outputs a float3, I think in order to solve this you may need to make a custom variation of the WorldAlignedTexture function.

**Actually that “Static Bool” you have set to “False” set that to “True”, and it should fix your problem. **

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