UE4 Editor "Loading" with newest Oculus drivers

I cant launch my project in VR anymore with the new Oculus drivers I was forced to upgrade to. It just shows a UE4 logo in the Oculus white grid space, and it says “Loading…” and never loads.

What can I do?

same problem here. but also get a Error

@Steelbound did you find a solution? Just upgraded my project 4.25 thinking that might fix it, but no go. Same thing. The VR gameplay window launches in UE4, though there is no movement since inside the headset it just is stuck on “Loading UE4…” screen inside the white grid abyss of Oculus.

I’m literally at stop here in my project until I can find a fix.

Same problems here 4.25.3, RHI enabled (directx12) on rtx2070, on rift: if disabled the problem disappear.
no problems with 4.24.3…latest-drivers


Solved by VictorLerp , many thanks!

Just disable oculus splash screen at startup…