Ue4 Easy Anticheat

Hello everyone. I would like to know if anyone has been able to get in touch with the folks at Easy Anticheat to be able to use the service in their game.

I personally have been trying to contact them for a year now and have never received a response. I have been paying for a year for a professional email (own domain) to be able to contact them, but as I said, it is as if nobody works on this service or all the mails go to the spam folder and nobody looks there.

I really need to be able to implement this service in my project since it is totally online and at least I would like to have some “protection” against cheaters, you know.

After more than 3 years of development the game will finally be released this year and I see how time goes by and I can’t get in touch with the people of Easy Anticheat. If someone from Epic team reads this or someone who knows what else I can do to be able to use the service in my game, I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.