[UE4] Drone FPV racing simulator

Hi, to day i introduce to you my little personnal project.
This is “Unreal FPV” !

It’s a drone racing simulator in first personne view (immersion).
I would recreate the same feeling that we have by piloting a real racer.
But what it is?
FPV racing is a mini drone made for race, controlled in immersion.

The first step was to succeed in integrating into UE4 a radio control in USB with adaptator, or in jack with virtual driver.
is done.
Then, i tried to create an HUD to display in flight informations.
Last week, i have created a time attack mode. Simply, past the TimeAttack gate on the map and you have a TimeAttack mode.

Everything was done by BluePrints !

I would like to achieve a level editor like TrackMania, so users can quickly create their own path.

(sorry for my bad English)

Big thanks to my friend Maxwell_n11 !

[FR] Si des personnes sont intéressés par ce type de projet, je suis partant pour collaborer.
Contacter moi par MP.


ça rend super bien pour l’instant , ça à l’air plutôt sympa à jouer :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup.
Ce n’est qu’un début…
J’espère pouvoir avancer rapidement et partager le projet gratuitement pour ceux que ça intéresse.

This looks great - will you be releasing it for other people to play?

Nice work, looking good! Be sure to check out FPV Freerider, people say that the physic/flying is comparable to real flying. Either you are a very good driver or the handling is too easy :wink:
What are your target platforms? +1 for a linux version!

I will try to share it quickly and for free.
But I need to finish some things to make it fully compatible.
I will also share the project source.

Very cool!
Bonne Continuation!

Thanks ! =)

For now, to do list:

-record new sounds for drone
-Create a new proper map (like realistic stadium)
-Debug input pikes from radio-controller
-Make it compatible with all kinds of inputs (xbox controller, virtual joysitck, usb radio-control adaptater)
-Adding lens distortion
-Create a race track editor
-Adding customisable setup
-Try to make multiplayers mode…
-Share source project files

boulot , boulot , boulot ! Tiens nous au courant des dernières update , je regarderai ça c’est sur :cool:

Oui , comptez sur moi ! :wink:

Totally engaging. Thx

Nice one!
I was planning to do something similar.
Do you need some Quadcopter noises? I could record them from my drone.

I own one of those: (skip to somewhere in the middle)

hi Noxygen !
Indeed, I would appreciate to have drone sounds.
I looking for more 2000/2400kv high speed motor sound with 5" proppeler. Like “Weeeeee” … :wink: (250 racer setup)
But, I think I’ll add air flow sound and more.
Each motors are connected to a pitch controller (4 pitch controllers mixed at all).
So i need 4 sounds from only one motor.
4 various sounds to avoid overlapping sound effect.

A quick screen from next map.
The night Stadium, but no textured.
Work in progress…


quick up…

New feature !

“Best lap Ghost”, for Time Attack mode. :cool:

Update :

New map incoming, “Night Stadium”.
In this video you can see the map, but isn’t textured right now. (testing mode)
Physics and controls has been improved.
New staticMesh for grass, significantly improving performance.
New feature in TimeAttck mode: Best lap Ghost !

Next step :

rebuild sounds drone. (with the help of Noxygen)
Finish map and drone mesh.
Track editor mode
Large controllers support
New maps, new drone models

With the help of Maxwell_n11](https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?21703-Maxwell_n11) !
Look at his work : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChY5oc-0YcUHfzwRXTfyyyA

Update 4

introducing Map editor

Hey, how are you doing? :slight_smile: I would love to start testing this out, I am FPV Racing Mexico’s director and would like to colaborate with this project and see the possibility of including the tracks we use in the major events.

great results, few questions.

  1. is your flight controller logic based on physics (forces/torques) or rather setting velocity/rotation?
  2. what usb adapter do you use to connect radio controllers ?
  3. do you fly fpv yourself ? can you compare realism of your game to real experience ?

DOOOOD! You’re doing an awsome job! well done! Hope to get my transmitter all over this very soon!
I think you should let me try what you got allready :wink: no?

Track editor is made for that ! :wink:
Send me pictures of your track, and I’ll see what I can do.

1. is your flight controller logic based on physics (forces/torques) or rather setting velocity/rotation?
Both. Thruster is physical based, but stabilisation is handled by rotation rate.

2. what usb adapter do you use to connect radio controllers ?
FeiYingSim usb adapter with futaba r2008sb
Or you can use your mic input and SmartPropoPlus

3. do you fly fpv yourself ? can you compare realism of your game to real experience ?
Ho yes ! I fly with racer and bigger drone.
I looking for the same experiences, and yes it’s the same feeling.
But some user will not find the same feeling with their drone, this is why you can edit your personnal profil and custom a lot of parameters and find his own drone setup.
(Pitch rate, Roll rate, Yaw rate, thruster, weight, inertia, max speed, etc…)

Soon … soon … :wink:
I hope to make a beta test end of this year