[UE4] Drone FPV racing simulator

This will be nice!

Good work till now!
Looks better than the overhyped Lift Off.

Liftoff’s allright, but this looks slick on unreal engine! Still cant wait to try out the work Yannoch has done here, could very well be better!

This looks incredible! I really like to play this when you release it. Good luck!

I fly fpv 250 and have played a bunch of mobile fpv drone games. They are all ****. This looks like pure class, well done. It’d be interesting to include more nature based tracks ala the famous star wars video ie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsxyV-kgfio

It’s planned.
Thanks Masterc82, feel free to submit other suggestions. :wink:

Hi guys
As will the progress of this magnificent simulator? you know something?
Looks great, my congratulations to the creator and those who are helping.

a greeting

Hola chicos
Como va el avance de este magnifico simulador? se sabe algo?
Tiene un aspecto estupendo,mis felicitaciones al creador y quienes esten ayudando.

Un saludo

Hi there,
what is the current state? when can we start playing?

I hope there will be a beta soon and features added only afterwards :slight_smile:

Ow man! This is Awesome! A month ago I decided to learn UE4 to make an FPV racing drone simulator, and now I just saw it’s already in progress!

If you like, I can contribute. I’m new to UE4, but I’m C++ developer for 15 years (for business stuff).

Is this project dead? Should I start a competing (VR) project?

Project disconnected, yes. No time to finish this project. :unamused:

Hey, is it possible to talk to you on Discord or something like this? I have a few question, great work mate!