UE4 Documentation Links problems


I started referring to ue4 docs online about month ago and all was well.

But in last few days i have noticed it seems the docu has been updated drastically not in terms on content, but rather main headings moved around.

However on my PC a fair few of links are are now leading to wrong places.

Example UStaticMeshComponent always leads to wrong location, so that currently cant find Cpp definition for this class.

But its not the only wrong link, found quite a few so far, and making the documentation as hit and miss affair.

This is not just CPP links issue, so far the problem seems wide spread in different area of the docs.

Perhaps there is something i need to refresh , any tips on this issue much welcome


Thanks for that, i have highlighted issue with UStaticMeshComponent cpp definition on the link you provided.
Also it was a bit tricky to think of the right search word for the problem, problem being the documentation is all screwed up. but i like the new arrangement of headings.