UE4 dedicated server error: PacketHandlerLog: Error: PacketHandler parsing packet with zero's in last byte

Hi, I am currently hosting my dedicated server locally but I can’t login to it, when I type in the console “open” of my client, the server starts logging this message multiple times:

[2022.05.18-08.21.42:543][897]LogNet: NotifyAcceptingConnection accepted from:
[2022.05.18-08.21.42:543][897]PacketHandlerLog: Error: PacketHandler parsing packet with zero’s in last byte.

Then after a while the client starts loading the game default map and the server stops sending that message in the logs. I believe there is an issue with the ports but i’m not sure, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.27.2 from Source.

If you’re running the server and the client locally, you shouldn’t be having issues with ports. It might be a small problem with your configuration, Here’s an example of a multiplayer setup that should work locally: Custom Multiplayer Server with Unreal | brainCloud Help Center