[UE4] Dead Crusade- Kickstarter Launch

$250k is quite low actually. Typically kickstarters shoot low, around $300-400k. $250k is more than reasonable especially for what they’re doing. Issue seems to be advertising though, as I initially thought. I don’t see much about the game or studio around the web after doing a few searches. If they’ve planned updates throughout the campaign, it could potentially spark a little more interest. The bulk of it is getting the word out in anticipation of its launch though.

250k is considered quite low for a small Indie team? Are they gonna be living off caviar and filet mignon or something?

it’s enough to pay a very small team (maybe 5 people) for a year or two

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

Defiantly focusing on advertising right now and trying to get more exposure, otherwise the response from the actual campaign has been overall positive.

Kotaku did a feature on us recently which is great. Will keep you guys posted and should expect to see media coverage expanding over the next week. Hopefully EPIC can showcase the game on there Facebook soon as well.


Try and bug IGN for an interview. :slight_smile: They may even do a small gameplay video. That will give you just about all the exposure you need.

Looks good, Good luck!!

I’m kinda tired of zombies, but may be an interesting game. Good luck!

Nice project! Looks pretty good :smiley:

Sad to see that your Kickstarter isn’t going so well.

One thing I would do asap is putting your project onto Steam Greenlight. Gives a good amount of traffic and introduces your project to a lot of gamers…

Agreeded, it’s twist on the environment and time setting though so it could work out well. Level design though is top notch very well detailed! You’re making the Unreal engine look hot… Good luck with the kickstarter I’ll donate just to help out!

Indeed working on it! Thanks for the feedback!

Updated page with Lore Trialer!

This looks great! You guys definitely deserve more publicity. Maybe you should send a preview build out to some youtubers or something?

Unfortunately its most likely too late. Getting gaming sites to publish articles about your game is something to work towards before launching a kickstarter campaign, same for soliciting help from others such as known youtube gaming channels. Kickstarter campaigns usually have an upfront burst of donations at the start, get quiet for a while, and then once the deadline starts to approach pick up again. Given that this campaign had very little awareness about it, they missed the initial funding burst. It’s possible that it could end up being funded, there’s 23 days to go, but one thing that convinces people to do so is confidence the developer knows what they’re doing. And by launching a kickstarter campaign that wasn’t well thought out or planned for, you haven’t given them that security they need. You should start planning for your next one, if you haven’t already. By now you’ve been picked up by plenty of gaming sites, build up on that. Be sure to have a well planned campaign over the course of the 30 days. Showing some information and asking for money doesn’t really cut it, you have to show people you’re involved with this process. You should have content updates throughout the campaign, could be once a week or twice a week. Examples include interviews/dev diaries discussing combat, or locations, or the skill trees etc. Basically you need to keep people coming back to your kickstarter page to see new things. Even give them a schedule that shows which days you plan to release new content. Another thing that helps is to build up your social media following. Facebook and Twitter are very crucial to the success of kickstarter campaigns.

Other than that game looks great, and I really do wish you all find success.

Kickstarters also have an end burst from what I noticed. Typically around when people get paid. :slight_smile:

@Dead Crusade - I plan on backing you guys near the end of your kickstarter. :slight_smile:

Keep us in the loop keep posting and keep trying to get the word out.

I know, I referred to that above. But that is usually from those who did so at the beginning, and are doing whatever it takes to see it through towards the end. A lot can happen in 23 days, but they have more of an uphill battle than they would have if they planned this more appropriately. I want to see them succeed.

Ah sorry my bad :confused:

But yeah after looking at it through Kicktraq they do have an uphill battle.

There is no need to apologize. =p The good thing is they at least know where their mistakes were this time around, and will be able to rectify them should they choose to redo.

It looks nice! Good luck : )

Oh god. This looks so awesome. :smiley:

Excellent post; I just wish it came across as a tiny bit less critical? But good content. If I ever launch a kickstart I will keep this in mind. I’m an active backer myself. Not bragging. Just saying I love crowd funding projects (up to almost 30 now)

If my post came across as harsh, it was not my intent. I’m merely attempting to share the knowledge I’ve gathered from observing both successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding projects. I mentioned above I think the game looks great, and so does the concept as a whole. They have that in the bag, its the presentation that they need to work on. Those are the two elements of a successful kickstarter: Having a good game, and a strong presentation. They have the former, but not the latter. The intent of my post was to help them think about areas to improve when launching the next campaign in order that they might be successful. Too many people rush into it, which isn’t always a good thing. I actually just noticed last night that it appears they started their facebook and twitter accounts on the day they launched their kickstarter. This is something that needs to be done well in advance of the launch date, to get people interested in anticipation. I want them to succeed, I would actually play this game. Giving feedback is about the only thing I can do at this point. I think if most people follow these basic points when considering crowd funding, there would be more success stories.