[UE4] Dead Crusade- Kickstarter Launch

Hey guys,

We launched our Kickstarter today for Dead Crusade. Feedback appreciated, and please share or donate if it at all possible! :slight_smile:

Dead Crusade is a Medieval Co-Op Horror game set in real world 14th century Europe during the Black Death pandemic that killed over 200 million people.


edit: Have since canceled the Kickstarter. Can read the post mortem here.

Looks pretty good! I’ll read up on it more and back it later on today when I get home.

Best of luck with the project.

Very aesthetic work! good luck :smiley:

Daang! Nice work. Love the slicing and dicing! And, of course this historical accuracy… THREE HEADED MONSTER RAT!

Nice screenshots but making a game of the calibre you want for only $250k is fantasy land.

I don’t see how you can make that assumption? Maybe they have a venture that is meeting their kickstarter amount? Maybe they’ve already got enough financially from a backer and this is just the bit left they need? Maybe they need the 250k to set up promo/marketing and plan on making the rest via preorders and website sales.

250k sounds entirely reasonable to me, and if they were asking for 750k-1Mil People would say “You will never get that much!Blah Blah Blah”. For the quality of work shown here I think 250k is enough to start at because nothing prevents you from going over that mark.

Anyway good work and good luck on the development guys! A co-worker and I were discussing a game like this a few years back. But at that time we had other plans and ideas that we went after first xD. Anywho Best of luck!

they can get over 250k, you know - it’s a realistic compromise between asking for enough money and actually getting any of it (as they won’t get anything if they don’t meet their goal in kickstarter)

Guys everything is good ,I wish you good luck but seriously 200 million people =) ,it’s not historically true , better avoid such mistakes. That’s too much .Read about world population of that times.

Well I mean technically if you look at the wiki for it “The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1348–50 CE.” 200 mil is the top estimate, but still within accuracy “technically”

Congrats on the release my friend! Best of luck!

Thanks guys for all your support!

Hey Scott!!

What you guys have done is simply amazing! The amount of detail is just incredible and I really wish you guys make it! Good luck!

Edit: Will you guys have any stretch goals?

awesome work guys, good luck

We hope to include stretch goals soon.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Awesome! Nice job.
Is expected to release some gameplay video of this game?

This looks a lot more polished than most game projects I see on Kickstarter, and further along too.

In my opinion, aside from the setting, this is one of the most interesting aspects of your game design. I’d love to see some sort of update regarding your progress on this functionality, as I couldn’t clearly discern any of this AI behavior from the gameplay shown in the video.

I think your work on previous projects such as Chivalry(I love that game!) should be emphasized a bit more. There’s nothing wrong with a little name recognition, especially when trying to meet a funding goal as high as yours.

Your header images are nice and clean. Your screenshots and concept images seem well-placed and very fitting. I like how you use bold text to emphasize important tidbits before expounding on them.

I also have some proofreading notes to make about your pitch:

  • Special enemy types with unique behaviors and attack patterns face you as well.The — Missing space after period
  • Strangest of all, they were covered in mysterious black boilsthat oozed blood and pusand — Missing two spaces
  • Become enraged as you build aggression through combat which let you — lets you*
  • What would a Medieval game be without character development and customization? — This question is a bit confusing to me. What is it about this specific time period in games that implies character development?
  • Think of it like going through your favorite MMO instance dungeons — This seems to be worded strangely, I think a phrase like “dungeon instances” would be more appropriate.
  • In some cases, upon death, survivors will return as an powerful enemy — a powerful*
  • It causes coughing and sneezing and will slow your movement forcing yourself and your allies to remain at your side or leave you behind. — “yourself and” should be removed
  • Hallucination induced paranoia are common — is common*
  • *it has restricted us in creating the complex blending and timing notifies we need to make combat as dynamic and responsive as possible. * — “notifications” intended?
  • A overhead attack — An*
  • Scott than went on to act as a co founder and Lead 3D Environment Artist on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, directly recruiting and managing a team of over 10 artists and co-creating many of the games official maps. — game’s*
  • His game network and enemy AI experience is a key skill Aesthetic Games wants for it’s focus — its*
  • You seem to flip between the two spellings of gameplay/game-play, which most people probably won’t notice. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have some very interesting design ideas and a lot of great talent. I look forward to seeing how the game turns out.

OoOoOoh this looks tantalizingly sweet! The Unreal Engine 4 + hard talent is squalling #win in so many places!

How much advertising did you guys do before launching this kickstarter? The game looks good, but that is going to tie directly into the success of the campaign.

$250,000 is quite a feat to achieve. Was this a calculated number for total costs? Or is the project to be so large this is the amount needed to keep the ball rolling? $250,000 can also go a good ways in marketing. Anyways i wish you guys luck! :slight_smile:

$250k isn’t much for this game but it’s lacking advertising it seems. :\

Good luck anyway! The GDC video looked great and now this looks even better. :slight_smile: