UE4 crashes when opening a VR project

I always open Oculus first (that’s what I use) and make sure I have hands. In general my Oculus crashes alot, I just close and restart. Have you updated Oculus or Steam lately?

I have a workstation that keeps crashing when my developer trys to use a VR headset and do VR development. Here is the error:


I have other workstations that are working fine. Here is some additional information:

  1. Windows 10 thats fully patched and at same level as other working workstations
  2. Same VR and video drivers as other working workstations
  3. Same UE version as other working workstations
  4. Have swapped headsets, same issue
  5. Does not crash when playing other Unreal VR games or other general VR games. Only crashes in UE4 Dev Engine.
  6. Have uninstalled and reinstalled UE4 a couple of times.
  7. The version of the game is UE 4.22 complied from GITHUB just like other working workstations.

Any help would be appreciated.