UE4 Crashes entire PC when previewing in Oculus DK2

​Hello community:
So I’m a Game Developer and I’m having issues running my DK2 when I launch a preview of my level in Unreal engine on my personal Desktop PC. I don’t have any issues playing games, I.g. Dreadhalls, little people problems as well as a few others but for some reason every time I try to launch my project it will run briefly then it crashes my entire PC.

​I have reinstalled the run time v1.9 (SDK about 6 times now. I updated my video card drivers to GeForce v358.50 Driver. I factory reset my computer, and repeated the entire process. At this point I’m completely at a loss and help is appreciated.

​Here is a list of my system specs:

Windows 10
​64-bit OS
​​Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
​​Processor: AMD FX™- 8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
​​RAM: 16.0 GB

​If you need anything else I will list them as necessary.

Try using the following NVIDIA drivers and see if that helps.

Nvidia Drivers: 350.12

I know that they are older drivers but I have had great success with them and the 0.7.0 runtimes.