UE4 Constant crashes with 4.15.1 - How to move all assets to a new project?


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I am hoping to get some help.

I think my 4.15.1 project file is corrupt. My level crashes randomly after a few minutes of having it open. I created another 4.15.1 project which does not crash, and now I want to migrate all my shaders/materials and content over to the new project. However I can’t get this done as when I open the project and select an asset to migrate the system usually crashes before I get any moved over. Is there any other way I can recover my assets and move them to the new project?

I read about just copying the .uasset files directly from content folder to content folder but I found mixed information on whether this is the right way to go.

If they use alot of shaders in their map or using all the features of the editor in a certain area, for some reason the editor just crashes on loading in the assets and then crashed on compiling all the shaders… It also crashes on compressing textures as it did with Infiltrator demo. I had this problem with trying to open up Infiltrator and also in trying to load the shooter demo map. I couldn’t even load them in the editor without the editor always coming up with a big crash screen Because the’re probably using bloom, too many post processing lighting effects, maybe there’s too many shaders and so on maybe using either stellar or set to high quality for textures that will crash the editor on my machine as I only have 16 gb of ram.

You may have to drop the quality settings to the bare minimum first in order to stop the editor from crashing when trying to migrate. Slow Motion can also crash it .

When i load my game map in the editor, it loads fine because I don’t use alot of shaders and I disabled all the bloom… I suspect that if you try to use alot of the editor’s powerful lighting features or shaders in one particular area of the map, or have a ton of shaders in one area
it will cause it to crash. the editor can’t handle trying to process everything all at once.

I found that out when I put a simple glow light material on many objects I had in my map and up popped the crash screen after rendering all the glowing objects. So there are limits to what the editor can handle before it keels all over and just capsizes.

You can try creating an empty map and open that, after that you should be able to migrate your stuff.

What cyaoeu, said. Create a new project, save an empty map, open your first project, right click on the Content folder in your content browser, hit Migrate and choose the new project.

Copying and pasting is a very mixed opinion, that is for sure, however, I’ve been using UE4 since 4.7 and have always copied & pasted my content folder without any issues (since my project folder is about 80GB, I copy/paste a whole different way). If you feel comfortable copying pasting, DO NOT delete anything while you copy and paste, until you know your project is fine, and you will be A OK.

But If you resort to copy and paste, don’t the engine versions have to be the same for that to work?

That’s what I see when people say copy/paste ruined their project, but honestly, I haven’t seen it (yet, lol). I have a whole different way of copy and pasting. When I am done with moving my folders, I am left with selecting which game version I want to open it in, and whip-bam-boom, back to creating with the new version of the engine. I can even revert back to the last engine version in case of issues (had none), with only having the one content folder.

right click in content folder your whole project, migrate :slight_smile:

Hmm, sometimes we get the message when migrating, popping up saying that the engine couldn’t copy
everything all over. And it copies about 99% of the project and leaves a few things behind. Dunno why its
doing that.

I will try these things and report back here. Raventhebird. I can’t do that because the project won’t stay open long enough to select the content folder to migrate it all.