UE4 Cascade - make particles go in a circle via velocity

Hello! I’m learning to do effects in UE4, and I’d like to make my particles to go in a circle - i.e. die in the same spot where they were born after making a perfect circle. I’ve found a tutorial on how to do it in Unity using cosine and sine graphs for velocity, but when I try to reproduce that in UE4 I get a non-perfect circle. Have anybody done this and could share correct values, or is there any other way?
(I need particles to utilize velocity, as I’m using them as ribbon emitters)


Eventually I’ve done it with sine and cosine values for X and Y velocities, just had to do a lot of tangent adjustments. If anyone stumbles here looking for same answer: just re-create in UE same sin/cos values which are easily googleable for Unity Shuriken PS and adjust point tangents by hand. I found it easier to do on a lower-scale velocity/life values and then right-click in the curve editor and scale all values by wanted amount.


I find a proper way to have a circle : use Particle Relative Time in your material and compute sine and cosine and plug it into your World Position Offset.

You can easily change the start position by adding a value to the Particle Relative Time, and you can also change the rotation speed by multiplying the Particle Relative Time.